System 100

Individual free standing moveable display screens perfect for use in smaller venues and multi-purpose spaces




Gallery Display System 100 offers a versatile, freestanding and flexible, yet robust and stable, display structure - perfect for use in smaller venues and multi-purpose spaces. System 100 comprises modular aluminium frames, individual display screens which can either stand alone or interlock to form continuous walls. Infill panels are also available to enable the screens to be linked at right angles, allowing an immense variety of display layouts. Each screen contains the integral unique Panelock castor wheel mechanism which gives all of the Panelock products their ease of movement. At the turn of a removable operating key, the screens can be raised on wheels, relocated and then locked into their new position. The standard finish is 9mm Medium Density Fibreboard, painted with matt white vinyl emulsion.

This finish is easily refurbished and gives reliable service for the duration of a great number of exhibitions. However, alternative colours and surface finishes such as slatwall, pinboard, laminates or loop nylon cloth for Velcro fixings are available according to individual requirements.

Abbaye de Flaran - Valence sur Baise - France
Installation by MuseoDirect, France.

The Braid - Ballymena Museum & Arts Centre - Ireland

Our manufacturing facilities totaling in excess of 10,000 sq m (100,000 sq ft) enable us to give individual attention, adapt standard designs as required, and work to critical deadlines by reorganising factory production.

The screens, which are delivered fully assembled and ready for use, are able to carry integral security, lighting and picture hanging systems. Perspex protection screens and security barriers can also be fixed to the basic units, making them ideal for use where artwork may be in close proximity to the general public.

Panelock Gallery Display System 100 is available as standard units or manufactured to client’s specification.